Jen R.

This place is spectacular! Clean and well kept this place is SUCH a hidden gem. Have recieved service from 2 ladies that work here and they were both excellent. Never did threading before I came here. Always thought waxing was better, but the threading method is clearly superior. I still get a little red but it goes away im 15 min I kid you not! Compared to waxing which lasted 2+ hours of embarassing red glow. So happy with my brows. I would highly recommend this place.

Denise C.

They did a great job. When finished, she offered to fill them in and I love how they look! I will definitely be going back.

Melanie R.

Maher is amazing. She is so fast and precise!It takes less than 5 minutes to thread my brows- faster and cheaper than waxing and with no allergic welting or redness! You can continue about your day without looking ridiculous for several hours. This is a great option for anyone who has a sensitivity to waxing.

Laura M.

Great customer service store was a little busy and associates were helping customers but when they assisted my son it was friendly and professional. I was busy with my older son picking out school shoes and my toddler son was full of energy and trying to run out of the store and a woman working there offered to close the door so he wouldn't run out, definitely made my store experience a little more relaxing and it was very much appreciated! They unfortunately didn't have my sons size but I was able to do a quick and easy charge send from another store with free shipping!I will definitely keep coming back!

Kara C.

I absolutely adore this place. I come as often as I can clear my schedule enough to get in. The girls are nice and the threading does not hurt as much as some I've experienced. And most importantly, my brows always end up looking great. 🙂