Facial threading

All facial areas including eyebrows, upper lip, chin, side burns, forehead, neck, etc.  Threading can also be done anywhere else on the body but may take a long time, therefore it is usually done on the facial areas.  Any hair remaining after waxing on the body are often threaded for a cleaner finish

How long does it last?

The time depends from person to person but it is generally recommended to have the hair rethreaded every 3-4 weeks.  Some people may have to come back earlier if their hair generally grows faster while others may take a few months before they need the areas rethreaded.


Does it hurt?

Most people are amazed when they get threaded for the first time, especially after being waxed previously.  They find that it hurts much less than waxing and is easier to do but it has a lot to do with the skill of the artist.  We are very gentle when we thread and may use finger pressure or a cold/warm compress to help relieve discomfort if needed.

How do I know what brow shape is right for me?

Our expert staff is skilled at proper brow shaping and will take a look at your brows and design a shape that is right for you. We do not over-thread brows. We only take out what’s needed to give you the best shape. Your final brow shape and arch depends upon your natural brow line. It may be possible to arch further depending upon how much hair we have avaialbel to work with. Be sure to talk with one of our estheticians to see what would look best for you.
What kind of thread is used and how is it sanitary?

We use 100% organic cotton thread which comes from india. This is a very particular thread that is especially made for threading purposes. The threading process is very sanitary because it is only the thread that touches the skin and it is thrown away after every use. We adhere to very strict sanitary practices throughout our business to prevent any type of contaminations.