Eyebrow Threading

A natural and delicate approach to removing unwanted hair

Threading is an all natural, gentle method of accurately removing unwanted hair for people of all skin types, especially for those with sensative skin. It can be performed on any area of the face including the eyebrows, the upper lip, chin & side burns. Some people also like to have the hair on their hands and fingers threaded. This method of hair removal is considered to be less painful, more precise and longer lasting than waxing.


We specialize in eyebrow design and take special care in creating arches that are just right for you. We see threading as an art and not just a process of quickly removing facial hair, therefore we take time with each client in order to give you the best service and results that cater to your needs.

What is eybrow threading?

Threading is an ancient technique (over 5000 years old) of removing unwanted hair. It is great for eyebrow shaping as well as removing hair from the cheeks, upper lip, and chin. This technique that uses 100% cotton thread. The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle. Some beauticians will apply baby powder to the eyebrows before they begin. The baby powder will absorb any oils around the hair follicles that may cause the hairs to slip from the thread as it is pulled.

This technique is more precise than waxing & tweezing and many people find that this is the best way to get a great arch to their eyebrow and a clean finished look. Because threading is so effective in removing even baby fine hair, makeup goes on much smoother as well.